Anmore is located behind Port Moody and one of the last rural areas in the Lower Mainland where country style living is combined with a vast abundance of recreational options like hiking, fishing, mountain biking, climbing, boating, bird watching, just to name a few.

With Buntzen Lake and Sasamat Lake (White Pine Beach) in close proximity, it is the only location closest to the the City where Vancouverians can enjoy nature at its best.

With 700,000 to 800,000 visitors per year to Buntzen lake and its adjacent hiking trails, Anmore is truly a recreational attraction.

BC Hydro is planning to upgrade the currently existing power lines by replacing the lower poles and lines with large monopoles, carrying higher voltage and more conductors. This would be necessary because Vancouver is growing and they need to increase their capacity to cope with the growth and to generate profits in the future.

Alternative routes have been evaluated and BC Hydro is now preferring the route through Anmore based on the lowest possible impact and affecting fewer overall residents and property owners.

This site is providing a platform for all those who are in opposition to BC Hydro’s plans to install additional high voltage power lines through the residential areas of Anmore.

Please post your comments on this site.